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What We Can do for You

If you intend to develop a luxury hotel or resort with condominiums, hotel rooms and suites, condominiums, homes, villas, golf course, marina and all other major components, we can assist you to accomplish your project.

Group of experienced professionals will assist you to put together a necessary documentation package and will submit your package to the potential funding sources with no advance and no application fees. We get paid only in case of your success - when you get the funding for your development project.

Tell us about your needs and we will do our best to help you.

Why the Demand is Growing for Hotels and Resorts?

Growing population of the Earth and expanding of economy permanently increases demand for hotels, resorts and all their components, like hotel rooms and suites, homes, condominiums, villas, time shares, golf courses, tennis courts, pools, restaurants, bars, spa, casino, adventure, transportation, service and all adjacent spheres of services.

There are not so many places left suitable to establish shore front luxury resorts and hotels.



If you intend to do it - just do it!


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  Our mission is to assist developers in funding of luxury hotels and resorts projects of substantial scale.  
Apply for funding now. No one project is too big.

Projects Wanted

We represent funding sources intensively looking for projects satisfying the following criteria:

1. Funding (equity and debt financing) required in the amount from $10 million USD to $180 million USD.

2. Land must be owned. If principals may purchase the land, it might work as well.

3. Principals must have some hard equity in the project, meaning that funding may be intended to remodel existing structures, finish the development, install additional equipment, build another bigger facility, purchase the lot underneath the development etc.

4. Any economically and politically stable countries in Europe, Asia, Central and South America may be considered.

5. Real estate development and manufacturing projects are OK.

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